Side project


The best way to avoid the very annoying auto-switch when connecting a new audio device.


I was very annoyed with how the default MacOS audio device selection works.

When you connect a bluetooth device it automatically changes both input and output to the device. When that happens, the audio quality drops significantly.

There's a very simple solution to solve the audio quality issue: go to System Settings/Sound, and manually change the input to the Mac's microphone. But there's a catch. You have to do it every. single. time.

So I decided to make an app to automate this very simple, yet annoying, problem.

I had never written a single line of Swift before, but I like this kind of apps where there's something new for me to learn.

I took advantage of ChatGPT and Codeium as AI assistants, and still had to read a bunch of docs. But still, I got the MVP working on around 24 hours of work, which I think it's pretty nice.

The stack is the SwiftUI framework, and Realm as the internal database.

You can read more about the motivation and process on the IndieHackers page, or visit the product page at the Gumroad store.

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